A great study tool for students.

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Quizlet is a great to tool to check for understanding of a student. In my class, it is an optional tool to enhance vocabulary skills. 100% of the time the students who use the site to study vocabulary have a higher retention of the words. I like that the site has a wide range of words that enable the students to enhance their vocabulary. I also like that you can create you own flashcards or quizzes on the site that the teacher can use in their classroom. It takes some time for the teacher to set up the quiz, but once it is complete it can be used many times over. Also it helps me save paper by letting me just pop the website on the smartboard. Quizlet is a great tool for teachers and students to use in order to enhance a lesson and or study.

How I Use It

I use quizlet in multiple ways in my classroom. I use quizlet to create small quiz that the students can take in order to check for understanding at the end of a lesson. Many times I use this website to check for understand at the end of a class. It is a great source for a closing assignment or ticket out of the door. It shows me what they students are understanding and what they have not quite grabbed the concept of yet. Also, many of the vocabulary words that we go over in class are flashcards on the site. The students are directed to the site for homework to help the students study in order to learn vocabulary that helps them understand information. The students sometimes are not excited to study, but the site has proven to help the students understand information.