Great study tool which can be used anywhere!

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I have seen Quizlet used as a great teaching tool that can be used with all grade levels. I like that you can create your own study flashcards or you can search for a set of flashcards that have already been created. Then you can edit the cards for your own use. There are many ways to study, a game format, a matching format, or just cards with or without pictures. Using Quizlet is a also a great way to differentiate your instruction. For example, some students might need to learn 20 terms, others maybe just half that many, with Quizlet it is easy to create different lists for students and to share with them.

How I Use It

To create study flashcards for students in all grade levels to study for quizzes, tests, or just general studying. Flashcards can be created by the teacher or by the student themselves. Quizlet can be used for all subject areas and has the flexibility to be used on the computer or on a mobile device. There are many different apps available that synchronize with Quizlet. Students or teachers can use the terms that they created to create practice quizzes or tests, with many different options available. There is T/F, multiple choice, and fill in the blank. Science, English, History and other teachers can use Quizlet to add the terms for a chapter. It is also a great way for ESL students to study languages. It provides students with an alternative way to study and is incredibly mobile and universal.

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