Fun and exciting way for students to study vocabulary words with notecards and games

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This website is a great tool for students to utilize when studying vocabulary words. I really like this website as a teaching tool. I like that the students can have an interactive way to learn and study vocabulary words. The teacher can create digital flashcards and share them with all of their students. This website allows students to study their terms on flashcards as well as play games with the words. The students loved trying to beat each others time at scatter and score on space race. I will use this website when I have vocabulary words to help my students enjoy learning. The product helps me as a teacher have different ways to teach my students vocabulary words. It makes my students enjoy learning their vocabulary words. It serves me by helping me have stations in my classroom. I set some of the students to work on Quizlet while I help other students in small groups or one on one. I wish that Quizlet had a way of quizzing other things besides just vocabulary words. It would be nice for it to expand to quiz over sequences or steps. It is transforming my classroom by making my students want to study and learn new words. It has improved all of our test and quiz scores.

How I Use It

The teacher or students can create a set on flashcards and share them with the rest of the class. The students can use the flashcards to help with study. I mainly used this tool when helping my students learn the properties of numbers for their quarter test. I also let my students that finished an exercise early have the privilege of playing scatter or space race while the other students finished an assignment. The students loved this privilege. The students will work on Quizlet at a station while I work with my other students in small groups or one-on-one. I also use this as a homework assignment. The students will create their own set of cards. This assignment helps the students learn the words by typing them on the computer. After using Quizlet for the quarter test review, ALL of my students test grade improved. The students were allowed time in class to play the games and take the quiz, and they also used it as part of their homework. I can see which students played the games for homework. Scatter does not always help the students remember the words and definitions because the students can just pull some words on top of definitions. I tried to have the students do space race. Space race also helps the students by making sure they spelled the words correctly. I used Quizlet with all of my Math classes to help review for the quarter test. We studied the properties of numbers on Quizlet. By the end of working with Quizlet, 95% of my students improved their score on the properties of numbers.

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