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Augmented reality app adds some interactivity and learning to coloring

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Price: Paid
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire

Pros: One-time purchase price includes all sheets.

Cons: Only works with Quiver sheets, so students and teachers can't make their own custom AR sheets.

Bottom Line: This can make a great occasional lesson supplement, but ultimately the lack of customization and light learning hold it back.

Quiver - 3D Coloring App combines the "wow" factor of augmented reality with the meditative process of coloring and is best used as a supplement to your standard lessons. Students likely will latch onto the twist on coloring and learn a little along the way. The sheets do vary in terms of baked-in learning value with some leaning toward visual entertainment (color the seashore, make the crab dance) and other kinds better combining visual wonder with instructional voice-over and quizzes (check out the penguin, volcano, and cell sheets). No matter the sheets you use, the app will truly come alive with some creative implementation. For instance, consider using some sheets as a writing prompt for a cutting-edge, student-created AR video -- color and animate a 3D AR seashore, write a short poem about it, then record the performance in-app, complete with student voice-over, built-in sound effects and music, and cool 3D AR visuals. For more didactic sheets, like cellular biology, supplement a science lesson by coloring, labeling, and animating an interactive, 3D AR model of a plant cell. Take the quiz, record the process using the in-app video recorder, and showcase it at Science Fair.

Quiver - 3D Coloring App (formerly colAR Mix) brings coloring pages "to life" using 3D augmented reality (AR). Print blank Quiver coloring sheets in-app or through the companion website. There are many categories and sheets to choose from with topics covering geometry, biology, geology, the solar system, and more. Color the Quiver sheet any way you'd like (crayons, colored pencils, and oil pastels work best), keep on a flat surface, then launch the app. Tap the orange butterfly to activate the AR viewer, center the page under your device's camera, and watch it come to life! Interact with an AR creation by moving the device to see animations from any angle. Tap the Rainbow to change color, the Speaker to hear educational voiceover or music, or the Brain to take a quiz. Students can save creations as photos or videos to the device's camera roll and share.

Quiver sheets add some extra educational opportunity and a lot of engagement to coloring. The interactive AR technology makes it a dazzling lesson extension for the classroom. Preview sheets online inform planning: The sheets with text have a voice-over and quiz; the picture-only sheets have touch/sound capabilities, but no voice-over or quiz. The Education Starter, QuiverVision Starter, Platonic Solids, and Amazing Animals of New Zealand pages stand out for deeper academic learning; the remaining pages are better suited for open-ended and creative learning. Still, the downsides are obvious: Students can't design or use their own coloring sheets, categories are relatively limited, and content/quizzes can't be differentiated. While overall support is minimal, inspiring examples of AR for Education are found in the Media Hub, and an Education Portal is forthcoming.

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Students will enjoy interacting with the 3D AR objects and maybe even the in-app quizzes. Seeing their color choices come to life is a bonus.


Students can make predictions as 3D AR elements change with their interaction; some sheets have in-app quizzes, but content can't be differentiated for various learning levels.


The in-app guide helps students frame sheets to activate AR. AR Ambassador Lessons are available on the website.

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Interactive Learning Sheets

I would highly recommend Quiver to everyone. It is truly an amazing tool that provides students with opportunities to learn and explore the world around them in a more engaging way. These educational coloring sheets are great for center activities, lesson extensions, and for individual hands-on learning activities.

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