Great Proofreading Practice!

Submitted 11 months ago
Stephanie T.
Stephanie T.
Denison High School
Denison TX, US
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My Take

I love using Quill with my high school students because it makes them pay close attention to each detail a sentence or paragraph. It provides real experience for things like combining sentences, distinguishing between purals and possessives, and using prepositional phrases. The part of Quill that I use the most is the proofreading paragraphs. Students struggle to identify errors in their own writing and I don't want to do it for them...I want them to be able to find their own errors! Quill has many great practice paragraphs to choose from and they really help students get into the groove of proofreading.

How I Use It

I use Quill at the beginning of the school year to refresh my high schoolers' memories of mechanics that they have been taught, but most likely don't use correctly as often as they should. They "know" the things I have them practice on early, like verbs, subjects, objects, adjectives, subordinating conjunctions, etc. However, they need practice with these skills to refresh their memories.