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Excellent Grammar Tool!

I love the fact that the assignments grade themselves. This saves me a ton of time to focus on following up with students, being intentional about writing, and focusing on other important aspects of Language Arts, not just grammar. I think the tool that reads the student responses and gives feedback has improved greatly over the years but it obviously isn't perfect. It's a great tool for helping my students problem solve but sometimes it steers them in the wrong direction. (i.e. "Check your spelling." when actually they forgot a word or phrase.)
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I can't say enough good things!!!

When you use it correctly, it provides students with differentiated tools so they can ONLY practice what they need to. If they are proficient in an area, it will tell you (and them), so you know not to assign them those tasks. It's fully customizable to every student, and the pre/post assessments allow teachers to have actual data to look at and use. As far as my criticism goes, it's all about operator proficiency vs. error. If you take the time to learn the program, it works wonders. If you don't get to know it and learn what it is capable of, you and your students may not enjoy it as much or see as many results.
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Awesome resource for remediation or reinforcement

Quill provides an excellent resource for my students. I am very thankful for this tool to use in my classroom with my students because it is skill based and skill specific to each learner's needs. Occasionally, it freezes, but the "Save and Exit" button will generally fix the issue immediately. I very highly recommend using Quill.
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Quill is Terrible

It is repetitive and gives my students 80% busy work and a little bit of actual information. The way that you have to rewrite a whole sentence to change one word is infuriating, me and my students both hate this and I do not think that anyone will like it. I would give it a 0 if I could
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Exactly what we needed

Overall, the website can be a little difficult to navigate but the return on investment is so worth it. The practice the kids get is exactly what we need.
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Feedback friendly!

I enjoy using Quill and my students are learning how to use it well. It does take some time. I used it last year and I am taking more time this year to explain WHY and HOW it works. Once they understand the process, it works well for them. I saw solid results last year and hope to build upon those this year.
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Great Proofreading Practice!

I love using Quill with my high school students because it makes them pay close attention to each detail a sentence or paragraph. It provides real experience for things like combining sentences, distinguishing between purals and possessives, and using prepositional phrases. The part of Quill that I use the most is the proofreading paragraphs. Students struggle to identify errors in their own writing and I don't want to do it for them...I want them to be able to find their own errors! Quill has many great practice paragraphs to choose from and they really help students get into the groove of proofreading.
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Easy Grammar and Conventions Website for students

Love love love the differentiation based on diagnostic results. I also like the ability for me to do small group lesson or whole-class lesson using the provided lessons and activities on-line. No criticism - my students and I love it!
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FANTASTIC for a free program!

I think it's an excellent way to integrate grammar instruction that gives students immediate feedback and allows me to create the "pack" they work on for the week. The only thing I wish was different was the feedback is only given to them as proficient, near, and not proficient; I give an average for the packs, and students have to come to me repeatedly for the numerical avg.
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Fantastic Approach to Grammar and Reading/Writing for Evidence

Quill is a fantastic way for me to have my students work on grammar and evidence-based writing. I love how Quill gives the students feedback and the ability to redo work. The Evidence-Based writing activities engage students with their thought provoking and relatable articles. The students actually have to work and think to achieve success. The Quill system gives students feedback specific to their sentences.
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