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Noticeable Improvements in Student Writing

This is a good tool to reinforce the concepts I am teaching. It gives the students opportunities to practice independently with immediate feedback, which I like very much. I wish that there were more challenging "Reading for Evidence" assignments that ask the students to write at least a paragraph, but assume that is coming in the future.
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Individualized Practice!

I love that there is a diagnostic so the practice is individualized, and the students can move at their own pace. The only part that is frustrating is on some when they have to combine sentences, it will say they are incorrect even when it is correct. But that is minor issue compared to the practice they are getting. Best of all, the free version is great!
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Helpful warm up activity.

As a teaching tool, I appreciate how it allows students to try, try again.
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Helpful skills practice

I really like that students have to type their answers and that the program will give feedback to the sentence as a whole, not just on the skills being assessed. Students have to pay attention to what they are doing, and it helps my high schoolers recognize some of their bad texting habits that have crept into their classroom writing. It would be nice if there were more higher reading and skill level activities. Also, some of the scoring methods are a bit odd, and it can be hard to distinguish skill proficiency from the overall score alone, but if you dig into the data you can get a good sense of what issues the students were having. The whole-class lessons are also good to get all students involved, and my kids like seeing their own examples and analyzing their own mistakes. Unfortunately, there are not self-paced versions of the whole class lessons, so it can be difficult to address absent students who miss the lesson.
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Old-school grammar, new-school medium

I find Quill to be well-designed, particularly from the student-user's experience. The practice activities that are suggested by the application--based on diagnostic activities-- seem to sit within acceptable zone of proximal development, if perhaps a little on the 'unsupported' side of the spectrum. The teacher's UX is a little unintuitive-- for example, the way the various controls are linked via various tabs and sub-tabs, but I'm getting the hang of it.
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Informative, Immediate Feedback

Quill is honestly a godsend. I like that it forces students to slow down, and even my students say they like this program more than NoRedInk because they feel like they are actually absorbing information. The only thing I would add are more lessons directed at older learners and more identification of types of clauses and phrases (such as adjectival, gerund, etc).
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Absolute rubbish

It is not that helpful and I think quill is useless. I am from the UK and it uses American English, which confuses students. I do not recommend it.
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Great Tool!

I love using Quill with my students! It has great progress monitoring and they are always making updates based on teachers' needs. I can't recommend Quill enough!
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Great program for tutoring writing with kids at home.

Highly recommend. I use this to help with tutoring my nephews. Quill is an awesome tool to help with writing, grammar, and spelling. Love it!
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Quill is an Amazing Help!

Wonderful student-driven assignments that help point out mistakes and make the student correct it. There are pre- and post-assessments to show progress for each student so they can see progress. Plus it is free to use, although there is a premium option.
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