Dynamic Application for Teaching Literacy

Submitted 3 years ago
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My Take

This is an interesting tool for teaching various grammar concepts. It can also be integrated with Google Classrooms. There are five useful components to the application: Diagnostic, Lesson, Connect, Grammar, and Proofreader. These components allow teachers to choose the type of activity to integrate into their lessons. Each activity also generates student reports which include information about concepts which were mastered, almost mastered, and missed. Recommended lessons are also generated for each student in order to help assign more individualized tasks. Some activities also offer immediate feedback, which can be helpful for some students. I especially liked the Quill Lesson application as it provides an avenue for direct instruction and small group, or whole classroom discussion. I believe this application also fits in with TPACK framework and lands on the augmentation level of SAMR.

How I Use It

I would use this application to assign low-stakes activities such as bell work and homework. The diagnostic portion and student reports would allow me to assign individualized activities for students. I can also assign small group or whole class activities using the Quill Lesson app. The activities are fairly short and can be assigned in some form each day to review grammar rules and keep an accurate record of student progress.