Quill in Remedial Language Arts

Submitted 3 years ago
Angela A.
Angela A.
Chugiak High School
Chugiak AK, US
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My Take

This tool is such a time saver. It also eliminates student boredom, because they do not have to do exercises about ideas and concepts that they have already mastered. I like that the program allows you to make changes to already existing exercises to make the content more applicable. I do wish that teacher lesson would be a bit more accessible. Of course that might be more operator error than program issue.

How I Use It

I teach a remedial language arts course that requires the review of basic grammar. Quill is an excellent way to have students practice skills, such as adjective identification, comma use, use of compound sentences, etc. It also allows for differentiation, because the diagnostics test identifies each student's areas of strength and weakness. So, some students need help with adjective identification, while others may need to focus on comma use.