A Personalized Writing Tool that Scaffolds Student Writing Skills

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I really like this app because it personalizes each student learning process. Students could evaluate their learning progress and discover the unfamiliar parts in writing. In fact, writing acquires different combinations of English skills, such as grammar, organization, spelling, and so on. Sometimes writers attempt to make the same mistakes without noticing. This app could bring writers' attention and help writers improve their writing skills. I definitely will use this app for my future class because it visualizes student learning for teachers. Also, teachers could adjust their teaching based on students' prior knowledge. Most importantly, learning should be assessed frequently, so in a traditional classroom, teachers might not easily track each student' writing progress. By implementing this app in the classroom, teachers could adjust lesson plans to meet student writing needs.

How I Use It

I believe every student could benefit from Quill. However, I would like to focus on English Language Learners (ELL) here. This app could help ELL students diagnose their prior knowledge in writing. For example, students can enter ELL diagnostic to be aware of disadvantages and advantages in their writing. Then, I can assign a class and lesson plans to scaffold my student knowledge in writing. Based on each lesson, students can practice their comprehension and be aware of their mistakes. I think the benefit of using this app is analyzing each student's learning. Each student could know which parts of grammar he is not familiar with. Teachers also can evaluate and assess students' learning by reading students' progress. My only concern is that there are not many game-based activities in this app. Sometimes students might not feel interested to learn grammar by keep proofreading the paragraph.