Great differentiation opportunities and activities that make students write more effectively!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

This is a great teaching tool, though I'd love a webinar/video training on the whole class activities (I'm still confused as to how those work!). I love how independent the work is, though my students still ask for help when they need it in class, and several of them have redone assignments to improve their scores. Is there research about Quill and student writing that I could share with admin? If not, I'd love to see some of that as well.
I'd also like to see pop-ups or warnings when the teacher is about to assign a task to a student when it's a duplicate for them - I've assigned too much for some students or assigned multiples of assignments. A way to move students (with their completed assignments and scores) from class to class would be helpful in my specific situation; student schedules are pretty flexible in my current environment.

How I Use It

I use it in my alternative middle & high school classrooms, and I've seen an improvement in overall student writing in the little bit that I've been able to integrate it. The fact that the activities only accept fully correct answers, including punctuation and capitalization, is amazing, especially for some of my lazier students.