I am over the moon!

Submitted 4 years ago
Sherry H.
Sherry H.
Mountaineer Middle School
Clarksburg WV, US
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My Take

I love this program. The whole class instruction is very engaging for students of all abilities. I have also had the opportunity to introduce this software into a co-teaching classroom environment where students range from very advanced to very delayed. When the whole class instruction is occurring, students actively read student examples and scan for errors (which is a very DIFFICULT concept to teach). Because they have direct instruction on the skill, opportunities to practice, and then they are judged by their peers, they are inherently motivated to perform at a higher level than if they just completed and turned in an assignment.

How I Use It

I started using Quill about two months ago. I used it with a small resource class of eight students. Each student in the class struggled significantly in their own ways. Quill allowed us to go back to basics and start at a point where most of the students either needed refreshed or retaught. The emphasis on keyboarding skills and correct capitalization/punctuation was especially helpful. I hate to say it, but I have seen so many students in 8th grade who still do not capitalize or punctuate correctly. The Quill program made it impossible for them to get a correct answer without having those basics in place. At first, this was frustrating, but it was necessary and resulted in much better results.