Online Grammar workbook could be better

Submitted 8 years ago
Ruth O.
Ruth O.
Victory Elementary School
Portsmouth VA, US
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My Take

The sentences and paragraphs used in the lessons accurately demonstrate the skills in the lesson. The class is easy to set up and a teacher could have this activity up and running in a matter of minutes. This online workbook could be better if the application made allowances for typos, since students are required to type the entire sentence that needs correction. Students who don’t spell or type well make typos and can then be penalized for something that has nothing to do with the actual grammar objective they are practicing. In addition, the teacher scoreboard doesn’t tell what a particular student had difficulty with. Students are given a red, yellow or green flag.

How I Use It

The activities are best suited for guided practice or independent practice. I’ve used it both ways: As a whole class we’ve passed around the wireless keyboard so that students can take turns typing in the answers as my sample student. I assigned a proofreader – one of the stronger students – to check for typos before the student answering the question submitted their answer. That way we didn't get stuck trying to figure out why an answer was wrong. I’ve also assigned the activities for students to practice during guided reading. They were more careful about looking for typos after we’d used it as a whole class with a proofreader.

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