Great interactive resource for grammar practice!

Submitted 8 years ago
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Overall, I think this is a great tool to be used in the ELA classroom. I like the price, ease of use, and variety of lessons. Many students have different needs when it comes to language usage skills, and this would allow for easy differentiation. Students could practice lessons at their own pace or it could be used as a whole class activity. It could also be used for a quick mini-lesson activity.

How I Use It

Quill is such a neat tool! I plan to use this in my classroom as a warm up or mini-lesson tool. Quill has many different grammar and language usage lessons that are all aligned to the Common Core. The best part about Quill is that it's FREE! Once you create an account, you can set up your classes, invite students to join, and begin to create units. It was pretty easy to set up assignments and view the available lessons. This would be a great warm-up activity as students could write or type in the corrections. It could also be used for individual work, homework, or remediation. I'm not sure how challenging these lessons would be for advanced students who have a strong grasp of English language skills.