Engaging Game Builds Critical Reasoning Skills

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

As an educational tool, Quandary is a welcome modification of a traditional critical thinking exercise. It does a good job of integrating technology with reasoning in a way that should be engaging and educational to students. For example, the game is interactive and based on role-playing; and when narrative structure is needed, it is conveyed in a fun format. Some scaffolding would be needed to set up the game on the front-end, and as needed during the activity, at least for younger students. But the exercise is presented logically, and the immediate feedback after making choices is good formative assessment for students as they build their critical thinking skills.

How I Use It

I would use Quandary as further application of critical reasoning skills covered in class. The interactive, role-playing game format will engage students in ways more traditional reasoning exercises (e.g., essay writing) in the lesson may not. Over the course of the lesson, using Quandary and other reasoning exercises, my students will build their skills so that they are ready for the performance task at the end.