Quandary or Quackery?

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I think this game does little to engage students, especially in questions of English Language Arts. It claims to improve critical thinking but it all seems fairly rote and with little actual controversy. I also think that because it has nothing to do with anything that the students are engaged in, they won't actually care what happens in the game. Any quandaries the students face in the game are faced by characters they read about in which they get more information about the situation and where there isn't a right answer to the problem. I think students will be much more willing to discuss the ethics of choices like this if faced with an example, especially one that relates to their world or that deeply shaped their world.
I don't think this game would improve any lesson but could serve as a filler for students who have finished their work, especially a test when they want to mentally check out.

How I Use It

As a teacher in training, I have not used this tool. I can only go back to see what I would have done if presented with something like this in my English class. I would have enjoyed the chance to check out but I can almost guarantee that I would have avoided actually playing the game asked of me. I was a good student but I would have rebelled against this.