Making math fun for kids and helpful for teachers!

Submitted 3 years ago
Emily Kimberly R.
Emily Kimberly R.
Burchard A Dunn School
New Gloucester ME, US
My Rating

My Take

I absolutely love this program and I have gotten several teachers in my school on board with it. It gets the students so excited about math and they beg to play, what more could a teacher want? Any teacher who thinks that it is just a game should try playing it for a few minutes, and they will quickly realize how much math the students actually are doing. Definitely recommend Prodigy!

How I Use It

I use Prodigy to have my students practice the skills I am teaching in class. I will set up plans in advance of the standards I want them to work on, and then they use the app to practice during their independent work time and for homework. Most of my students would play Prodigy during their free time! The only struggle was that since my kids loved this app so much, they would often do well over the amount of questions I had assigned, so then they start getting other grade level questions that were sometimes too difficult for them without my instruction. I would just suggest to add in way more assignments than you think you need for those kids to keep working on the skills you want them to focus on, and then add some review standards in as a back up.