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They won’t stop billing

It is very basic and does have some advantages as a way to get your child / student to do something meaningful that can be tracked while “playing” on a device. However, I would not recommend this company, it has been a nightmare to cancel the membership that has not been used since January 2020. Countless attempts and the 74.95 charge shows up twice a year on my card. It’s absurd I spend time and effort to get cancel and get a refund …then a few months later it’s back on my Amex.
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I love using Prodigy Math with my students! It gets them learning while engaging in a fun game where they can interact with their peers.

Using Prodigy Math is so easy! It requires very little effort on my part and provides a fun way to learn and practice math skills for my students.
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I think my overall opinion about this resource as a teaching tool is a good teaching goal because it allows us students to gain more knowledge in math. I think I like the different math activities because I enjoyed math learning. I think I didn't like that it got too hard because It got hard and it got harder to do.
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My students LOVE Prodigy

The game if it is being used correctly is an amazing tool. They do an excellent job and have many benefits for teachers. It is FREE!!!
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Kids Can't Wait to Play

Prodigy is a great tool to use on a daily basis with my students. They are always asking to play. The students think they are playing and I know they are learning as well. I also love to play along with them too. We have so much fun! There is nothing I dislike.
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Best Math APP!

Overall I feel like this is the best math app teachers have available for them and they all need to check it out.
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Engaging math practice for students

I really like how Prodigy engages my students; they would play all day if I’d let them. Prodigy provides access to most of our second grade state standards. I don’t like that membership purchase is needed for students to access some parts. Most families at my school can’t afford the membership cost. Students are disappointed when they can’t win or access a place during game play.
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Just as fun as a video game!

I love it. When kids want to go on something where they learn, you can't ask for more than that. The beg their parents for memberships and I often facilitate tournaments where they can face off against each other. I really love it because it meets students where they are at.
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Prodigy math is a game changer. The students love it, teachers love it, and parents love it.

I think this is a great teaching tool that can be used in any number of ways (whole group, small group, individual).
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Great for students and teachers

I love that it make learning fun. Kids are motivated to learn because they joy the game so much.
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