Most flexible teaching tool!

Submitted 4 years ago
Ms. B.
Ms. B.
Bronx Writing Academy
Bronx NY, US
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My Take

Prodigy is an excellent teaching tool and is very flexible in the classroom. I love that the entire teacher side is free. However, there are too many pop ups within the game that remind the students of all of the extras they only get with a paid membership. Most of my students can't afford this so it makes it hard and annoying after the first few times. I wish there was a way to turn these off when students are linked to a specific teacher's account.

How I Use It

I use Prodigy as a follow up for whole group lessons. I give students as assignment based on what we are learning in the classroom on a weekly basis and track how they do in their independent work on Prodigy. I also host regular Prodigy competitions to encourage students to go above and beyond. Lastly, Prodigy helps my lower level students who are significantly behind grade level to work on remedial skills and improve their confidence. They each work on their own skills at their own level and aren't embarrassed because others in the class can't see and the battles and game features are all the same.