Highly Engaging, math challenges that students request to do daily

Submitted 3 years ago
Ashleigh P.
Ashleigh P.
Paris Elementary School
Aurora CO, US
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My Take

I personally love Prodigy. I have yet to find a supplemental resource that is this engaging for all students. My students would ask on a daily basis if we were going to have Prodigy time! I saw a lot of growth in math skills we were working on as well as my students' math confidence. Even when they made mistakes, it wasn't the end of the world, it taught them to persevere, use a hint and try again!

How I Use It

I used this website for a daily math "warm-up". We do a "slow start" at our school, where students come into the room 10-15 minutes before school starts to get ready for the day. I always gave prodigy as an option. I also used it for enrichment purposes for students who finished their daily work. Another great thing that Prodigy did was allow me to assign practices that aligned to the specific standards I was teaching during a specific time. We also used it for standardized test prep. Something that was challenging was for my newcomer students with limited English Proficiency, they had to use a translator site to help them read the problems. I would like to see an option where accounts could assign home languages for those students.