Students LOVE it and it even gets families involved!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I use this for reinforcement on topics we have already covered however if students answer more questions then they have been assigned they will come across content they are not familiar with. Prodigy has hints built in and if students take advantage of the features I have noticed a jump in their retention and learning. When I changed careers into teaching I needed to take standardized tests to get/keep my certification and I exclusively used Prodigy to study. That also helped keep my students engaged because they knew I was playing at home. I let students know what 'world' I sign into at home and they look for me! It's great for engagement and I have had parents and siblings ask me to set accounts up for them as well.

How I Use It

I have used this with the whole school to encourage math practice over holiday breaks. I set up tournaments and track both individual and class. It helps keeps students playing and learning over breaks.