It is great for motivating students who like to play games. They love to work on this when I am out and if they have any additional class time!

Submitted 3 years ago
Matthew J.
Matthew J.
Sparta Middle School
Sparta NJ, US
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My Take

I think that it can be utilized as a good teaching tool but should not replace teaching entirely. I used it much more as an intervention tool when I taught intervention, but now I still like to use it as a good motivational tool for my students. It has good reports and is also nice since all of these reports and assignment creations are free to teachers! It does have pay parts that students can get extra monsters and also that they can get memberships to boost their stats, but it is still fun to play without a membership. My only real critique is when a students misses a problem it has a very good explanation of it but the students can just skip this and not learn from it. I would like to see a video play that they watch to show them how to solve it so they can learn it (this could be a choice option since not all teachers may want this).

How I Use It

I use it as homework at times (such as reviews), and also for my class when I am out. It is quick and easy to upload an assignment that the students need. They get to play and learn at the same time.