Incredibly Engaging Way to Practice Math!

Submitted 4 years ago
Mrs. M.
Mrs. M.
Lincoln Elementary
Sanger CA, US
My Rating

My Take

I think Prodigy should be used as a pre-assessment and to practice all math skills. I do wish that the questions were a bit more rigorous and had more state test like questions. It would be nice to see state test questions giving the students more power, or a cool wand, pet, something like that. Other than that, I receive great reports from it and it's definitely my students' favorite.

How I Use It

I have been using Prodigy in my classroom for a little over a year now and my kids love it. It's great as an incentive because students are completely engaged with it and they're practicing math while they are at it. Being able to use the planner tool on the website has helped me in scheduling what standard my students are answering questions on. Within being able to choose the standard, you can choose what specifically you would like them to practice. For example, if I'd like them to practice addition, I can have them practice word problems or adding with expanded form, or a bit of both within one assignment. Then afterwards, I get great data about what questions they got correct and what they didn't. This then helps me further plan and review. I can also assign test prep which is also perfect in seeing what needs to be reviewed as well. I can also assign one standard that they work through. Prodigy will then let me know how much time I should give the students to work on it. I like using these before teaching a unit to see what students already know.