Great site!!

Submitted 3 years ago
Allen Creek Elementary School
Marysville WA, US
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I think Prodigy is a great tool to use in the classroom. All of my learners have been successful with it. My students who are struggling receive questions that are at their level, while my students who need more of a challenge, receive challenging questions. It's a great tool to use in your classroom for station time, free choice activities, homework, and more. While it may initially look quite "gamey", when you actually see the questions that are being assigned, you can really see how this can help students. I've noticed some huge increases in test scores with my students just from using Prodigy. It also has many built-in ways to motivate students (Wizards of the week, battle with the teacher, tournaments with each other or other classes, etc) that motivate students to log on at home.
Best of all, it's free!!
I cannot see my classroom not having Prodigy in it.

How I Use It

Prodigy has become an essential part of my classroom. I provide my students with a set amount of time each day to battle on Prodigy. This is anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. My students look forward to their Prodigy time each day. Every couple of weeks, I assign my students a quiz in Prodigy to see how they are doing with the skills they are learning in math. I also assign multi-week plans over the content we are learning in math so they can get additional practice on the concepts we are practicing. What is great about Prodigy is that it will progress the students through the standard at their own pace and will back students up to earlier skills if they are struggling.