I use Prodigy as much as I can!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I teach 8th graders and most find it very engaging. I love the fact that I can change levels or even go back to certain grade levels for practice that the class, or individuals seem to be missing. (IE fractions or integer work) The data is great and being able to differentiate is such a useful task. The fact that the questions and the tools used to solve problems, look so much like the ones they will see on the state test is a huge benefit. I haven't come across other free digital programs that give me those resources. I can not speak highly enough about this program. My kids love it and I love using it!

How I Use It

I use this as a review of concepts I have learned. Many students have a hard time remembering what they have learned weeks after they have covered the concepts. I like to bring in spiral review to keep those older concepts fresh as well as the test prep to get them ready for the CAASP. The data that is collected is also very useful. I can quickly figure out who is understanding and who needs some remediation.