My students look forward to iPad and Computer lab time for Prodigy Game!

Submitted 3 years ago
Karen A.
Karen A.
Gilbert Elementary
Garden Grove CA, US
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My Take

My students are motivated to use this program. They literally BEG for it everyday!! From my very beginning mathematicians to my math whizzes...everyone loves to play!! Students have multiple opportunities to practice different standards. The 'plans' can be created by the teacher and can be for the whole class or individualized.

How I Use It

I use this for extra practice and reteaching of math concepts. I am able to create plans for my entire class, as well as specific plans for students that are struggling with a particular concept. The customer service with this company is AMAZING! I am able to email them directly and receive responses back within 30 minutes. I am also an ambassador for their company, so I am able to provide feedback and respond to the needs and/or questions of other new prodigy teachers! My principal is hoping to have our entire school on board with this program for next year!!