Members only perks alienates some kids

Submitted 4 years ago
Wendy S.
Wendy S.
New Hingham Regional Elementary School
Chesterfield MA, US
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As a parent and educator, I am concerned that kids who don’t have a paid membership at home are locked out of certain features, like prizes they really want. They work hard, it looks like they have earned a pet, but when one clicks on it, they are told you have to be a member. It’s a huge let down and misleads the kids. Some classmates are members so they get to earn more prizes and points because they play at home. They compare scores and prizes constantly. Member ads also pop up constantly, reminding kids that they aren’t members. I don’t feel good setting up an unequal experience at school and it seems that prodigy does that for kids whose families don’t pay or don’t have access to technology at home.Kids leave frustrated and feeling left out if they cannot earn all the prizes their classmates can even while working just as hard.

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Choice time activity to practice math skills. Motivation to practice math.

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