Math practice disguised as an epic immersive video game adventure. Kids beg to play after school and on weekends!

Submitted 4 years ago
Carli M.
Carli M.
Graduate Student, Early Childhood Education
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My Take

This is a teaching tool that truly inspires love of learning. Kids are excited to practice math and reach new levels with their avatars and connect with their friends in their fantasy world. Great diagnostics, easy to use manipulatives, fantastic graphics and super fun to use. A home run for teachers and students!

How I Use It

Students practice math and learn new skills as they navigate a fantasy world filled with action and adventure. Can be used for math practice and instruction in class and out. Intuitively assesses skill level and reacts to the needs of the learner. My students will use this in the classroom during centers, and will also be encouraged to use it outside of class for extra practice. I can allow students to move at their own pace or assign my own lessons.