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Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

Video games combined with math can be a great way to reach different student and meet their needs. I especially like how struggling students enjoy Prodigy, keep the students engaged and wanting to do more math. I can also challenge my students that are above by giving those students above our grade topics. Some students respond better to video games, and those students are what this game is designed for. I use Prodigy as well for non-formative assessments. Prodigy provides a report on how well or not my students did on a particular concept. I am looking forward to using Prodigy’s PARCC test preparation this school year, the test prep is new and I hope the questions are PARCC like.

How I Use It

I use Prodigy as a math center routine. I assign the students the current indicator we are learning for the week on Prodigy. Prodigy follows Curriculum 2.o and very similar one our county, which makes assigning weekly planner and assignments perfect for my classroom.