We started to call this game "KidKrackKocaine" because they loved it sooo much! I got several phone calls from HAPPY parents -saying- WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY KID? They will even do chores to play this game!

Submitted 5 years ago
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How motivated all the students became....not just 1-2 wanted to play this math game, ALL of the class did!
If I were going to ask for an improvement...it would be the login names. I asked my students to use their first names so they can find each other more easily when they battle. Since there are random numbers assigned after they logged in, they would be so excited about getting started that they forgot their login names for the next time they wanted to play. Maybe have a way that I can assign their numbers like we do with their passwords?

How I Use It

We have 75 students in grade 2 at our school. 25 of them are consider HIGHLY CAPABLE/Gifted and needed just a little be more to keep them motivated. I read about this program and reviewed it. I had heard about it from another student who LOVED it and recommended it for my classroom. ALL of the students LOVED this Math Game. It has so many skills and continues to get harder as the student learns and grows.