Engaging visuals with game like settings to draw the students into a wizard world of Math.

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I have used this product for the past two years with my seventh graders as a way to motivate interest in Math. I use it as a enrichment tool that allows for extra practice away from paper and pencil and lets the students have fun in a game like setting. I love that the students want to play it at home, away from their usual video games, and they are practicing Math nightly. Yea for us teachers! It helps my teaching by allowing a look at reports on each individual student and his/her strengths and weaknesses. This allows for adaptation for further lessons. The tech support for this product is also very highly recommended. They are helpful, friendly, and immediate in their response to assist in any way.
My only drawback is, of course, there is a paid version that offers more "horns and whistles" then the free version. So I have had a few students pay for this while others can not, so the paying customers achieve greater prizes and awards in the game, thus leaving the free version students feeling left out. It could build some jealously or envy at times among the students, but overall I haven't had this drawback become a class problem. This was just an observation I noted by a few over the last two years.

How I Use It

I use this product as a resource to practice my Math standards in the classroom. I am able to find the standard we are currently working on and plug in an assignment that will allow my students to practice. I can then see problem by problem breakdown who is lacking in this skill and who has mastered this skill. The students are engaged in the game and practicing math skills at the same time.