excellent resource for student creation and collaboration

Submitted 9 years ago
Eva H.
Eva H.
Technology coordinator
Pascagoula-Gautier School District
Pascagoula MS, US
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My Take

Popplet is a blank slate that has so much potential for students. Once an account is created, students can start creating a graphic organizer/thinking map using the Popplet tools. These include the Popples, which are bubbles students can input text by typing. Popples can also include images, videos, and drawings. Popples can be moved to create a variety of maps.

Popplet also has a share feature where users can share their Popplet with someone else and collaborate on the same project.

How I Use It

I have seen students use Popplet in an elementary gifted classroom to organize information regarding the food chain. The students added text and images to show the flow of a food chain with animals selected based on criteria.

Popplet can easily be a cross curricular resource, because of the ability to add just about anything!