Visually Capture and Organize Ideas!

Submitted 8 years ago
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Overall, this is a great free app to make deep connections to larger topics. Students are able to be creative with the app and use its features to further their understanding of a topic. After students finish creating a Popplet, they are able to export their work so they can print or view it later. I love that this app is easy to use and functions across all grade levels. It is also nice because it can use used on a tablet or a computer. I definitely recommend this app!

How I Use It

Popplet is a great app to showcase and organize various aspects of a topic. This app is definitely helpful in explaining larger concepts and breaking them down into easy to understand steps. Students can be creative and make numerous connections to a single idea using the app different features of typing, drawing, and inserting pictures. In the classroom, Popplet can be used in all subject areas and grade levels. I have used this app with students in English Language Arts to plan out a writing piece. After they created each of their paragraph topics and wrote some ideas down in each Popple, we made deeper connections to those paragraphs so they can add more details in their writing. Afterwards, they used the Popplet as a writing organizer and wrote their final copy.