Popplet Lite is a great little graphic organizer.

Submitted 9 years ago
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Popplet Lite is a good brainstorming app with student delivery options. It's easy to use and no log in is required. It's iPhone and iPad formatted. On the lite version, you can only create one popple at a time, but you can always save it to the camera roll. This app is useful for open-ended projects that require student initiative. I have found this is useful for students to use rather than me guiding them down a particular path. It allows students to create the work flow without teacher counsel. Draw-Backs: with the lite version, students cannot revise once another is started.

How I Use It

In the first phases of organizing a major project, research paper or presentation of learning I allow students to use popplet lite as an organization tool. Students "popcorn" out ideas together and arrange them under topics. Students then use this basic organization to create their frame work for the presentation of learning. They can draw, import images, texts and rearrange with ease. Once students created their popplet, it's send-able via email. If students do not have email. Popplets can be saved to a camera roll and uploaded to an educational interface like dropbox, edmodo, Google Drive or any other social media where photos can be posted.