Creating infographics through Piktochart allows students to express their learning visually.

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Piktochart is very user friendly and having access through Google makes it easy for students to get to the website. There are quite a few sample items students can review before starting their own project from scratch. Students can use the Piktochart tools, graphics, borders, etc or they can upload or drag and drop images into their infographic from outside sources. They are able to embed videos, maps, and charts to make their infographic more interactive. It might be a good idea to have students just play around and try the different tools available before having them create a project for a grade. All of this is based on the free version.

How I Use It

Infographics are a great way for students to visually see information of relevant content. It helps students make sense of vast amount of information, organize and group related information together, connect information, and analyze and interpret information. Students have used infographics to show their understanding of elements of plot of a particular book they have read. During Math class, students have surveyed each other and then created an infographic to show their findings in order to analyze classroom trends. Students have also used infographics to represent their understanding of the causes and events of the Revolutionary War. Infographics are great for all students to show their learning, however, students who are visual learners and/or creative thinkers can definitely shine. Reluctant writers and struggling readers also greatly benefit from the use of infographics.

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