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Nonintuitive animation tool could pay off with practice

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Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

PicsArt Animator - GIF & Video is a free hybrid creation tool for both animation and GIFs. This makes it pretty unique, but it also introduces some challenges. While teachers and students can use it to create short animated videos (sequencing either drawings or photos), these creations can also be exported as GIFs. The GIFs, however, aren't like other tools that allow breaking down of videos into GIFs. Instead, the GIFs start from an animation project and amount to a collection of frames. In this way, this tool is best used, first and foremost, as an animator and not as a GIF creator. As an animator, though, it's good with a lot of features and options -- including useful layering and frame-copying possibilities. This flexibility, however, makes it not the best choice for absolute beginners. It's easy to see all the icons and get overwhelmed and confused, and there's no tutorial or help text. Therefore, it'd help for students or teachers to have some familiarity with basic animation as well as image and photo editing tools. More experienced users will still need to take some time to become familiar with the icons, what they mean, and how they work. Teachers who introduce the app to their class should make sure to provide students with a tutorial to help them get their bearings. Once they do, they can use PicsArt Animator to make some quick, simple animations and export them as GIFs if they choose. These animations could be useful for creating animatics for a video project or just making some fun, personal GIFs for posting on a class website or social feed.

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