Pebble Go Reinforces Informational Text

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I love Pebble Go. It has many uses for the classroom and library from K through 3rd grade. I like the fact that it had a range of nonfiction topics to support the Common Core. Even the hardest to please reader was able to find something to interest them and they retained much of what was read. I did not like the fact that it is pricey and does not accommodate higher level children. All in all, Pebble Go is a must have for literacy and research.

How I Use It

Pebble Go is an excellent go to resource. Children are quickly introduced to how to use a database at the elementary level. Pebble Go also serves as an easy entry into e-reading. Children liked interactive text and being able to hear and visually follow words while being read aloud. I liked that students learned how to navigate a database while literacy was being reinforced. The illustrations and pictures were bright and helped to support the text. Having audio assists many low level and struggling readers. I did not like that there were not more complex texts for the upper academy. 4th and 5th grade students could not find highly interesting or challenging works to read. I use this product to teach students how to use a database, how to take notes and how to navigate alternate sites.