Overall, I really liked the app and plan on using it for research projects. Great way to get kids motivated!

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Pebble Go is a kid-friendly app in English and Spanish. The app focuses on five main modules such as animals, science, biographies, social studies, and dinosaurs. The subjects are presented with, photos, media, links to similar topics, printable assessment sheets, and a correct citation. Simple games, article of the day, a search field, and a question of the day are all included in the app. Students can read on their own or choose to have text highlighted and read to them. The modulated speech can help students improve reading fluency. Some cons may be that students can’t change the speed, so they might find it too slow or too fast. This is a fun way for students to practice researching and reporting. Furthermore, students are able to do research on their own or with their peers. Students can look up whatever they find interesting. They can also share their reflections on their research process.
Helping students develop effective research skills manifests their order thinking skills. In fact, students can use order thinking skills while using this app. One way is by evaluating information by citing research to back up their points and ideas. Then students can analyze the information in their own words and reflect on what they just learned. In addition, they can either agree or disagree with research. By doing so, they can use their order thinking skills to create new ideas for future research. For example, if students find information about why the sky is blue. They can back up information using citations and analyzing. They can create new ideas or questions about the information on why the sky is blue

How I Use It

Pebble Go may also be used for SAMR framework. For Substitution, teachers can use an Excel Worksheet to ask questions about the topic they just researched. For Augmentation, the teacher can ask students to go over answers with person sitting next to them. For Modification, the teacher explains to students to go back to the app and review the material to find the correct answers. For redefinition, teacher asks students to type their answers and/or reflect on answers they got wrong by using a goggle doc.