Easy to use. Students can become the teachers.

Submitted 4 years ago
Emily K.
Emily K.
Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica CA, US
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My Take

Padlet is an extremely easy tool to use. The students also figured it out right away. It is good for student-driven learning as well as for practice of skill. Slower learners or ELLs can benefit by seeing models of what their peers posted before posting their own. Advanced learners can take their posts beyond.

How I Use It

Ive used this product in two ways, mainly. 1) In one assignment, I had the students become the teacher by finding content to share with the class. In the case, the topic was "Japanese ghosts and monsters". The students each found a Japanese ghost or monster that they found interesting and shared it with the class through Padlet. Their classmates were able to see dozens of kinds of Japanese ghosts and monsters. The best part was that I, the teacher, did not have to find the text/images for them! They did it themselves. 2) I used Padlet to have my students practice a new grammar concept in the "Two Truths and a Lie" format. They posted two truths and a lie about themselves using the new grammar and their classmates read their posts and tried to guess which one was the lie. It turns out the students were extra careful about making grammar mistakes because they knew their peers would be reading their posts. Most probably didn't realize they were learning and using the target language because they were having so much fun trying to guess the lies.