Padlet for the beginner techie!

Submitted 5 years ago
Emily G.
Emily G.
Fort Garrison Elementary
Pikesville MD, US
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My Take

I enjoy using padlet. I think it is a great starter tool for teachers who are hesitant or who are just beginning to integrate technology into their classroom. It is very user friendly and allow teachers and students to gain confidence and competence with different technologies. I do think there are better products that require deeper and more creative collaboration (Microsoft 365 and google docs). I think padlet allows for teachers and students to feel more interconnected about the learning process. I think it is essential to view and discuss individual posts as a whole group. This allows students to learn from each other and make those essential connections to deeper their learning.

How I Use It

I have used this product as an assessment tool and as an extension of learning tool. I have not had many problems with padlet. I think the biggest problem has been with students not taking their time and being caught up on the comment features. This can however be avoided if you explicitly explain how the students should use the tools. When thinking about this product and the SAMR model, I believe padlet is the technology equivalent to hand writing on a sticky note and posting the sticky notes on an interactive bulletin board. I think there are more benefits and features to padlet, such as the comment and like tools that allow for further technology integration and collaboration.