The digital version of the analog post-it board. And it's awesome.

Submitted 8 years ago
Chris C.
Chris C.
Heathcote School
Scarsdale NY, US
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My Take

Overall I think Padlet is a great website and resource. It is a great way to create public, collaborative boards online. It very much takes the "analog" notion of post-it notes on chart paper and moves it to the internet. It also takes it up a notch by allowing the users to insert links and other media into their posts, making the board much more dynamic. Padlet has also allowed suers to claim unique username/urls making it even easier to give out the address of a board to a class.

How I Use It

One of the best uses of Padlet for me was when we used it with a 3rd grade class to create a KWL chart about the solar system. As part of a larger project a pre-service teacher in North Carolina created a lesson involving the solar system and a video about the sun. We used Padlet to create a KWL chart during the lesson. The pre-service teacher in North Carolina was able to follow along, in real time, as my students added posts to the Padlet. Students loved the fact they could individually add their "post its" to the board (we were in the computer lat so every student had their own computer). In addition, they enjoyed being able to see what the other students were posting as well.

As the lesson went on and watched the video students were able to return to the Padlet to add notes under the different sections of the KWL chart. It was a great experience for the students and they were very engaged with both the lesson and each other's comments.