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I love Padlet. It's been such a great resource for my Physics class. It's extremely user friendly and can be easily shared while maintaining privacy. It seriously takes less than 5 minutes to create a wall and share it with a class so they can begin adding their ideas. My students can share ideas whether we're in class or they are all away from school. We also use it to present information. It's much better than having each student separately connect their laptops to the Promethean board to broadcast slides, videos, or interesting photos. Everything is online, so I can go to one of our walls and project whatever is being presented. It also provides an outlet for students that are absent or didn't get the opportunity to orally share their answers to have a virtual voice in the class. My students seem more comfortable sharing ideas on a wall than just raising their hands or having a normal discussion.

How I Use It

I use Padlet in a number of ways:
1. Brainstorming-students can add new notes to voice their opinions and ideas either anonymously or as a classwork assignment. (We've also used it in faculty meetings for discussion)
2. Presentation viewer-It's really simple for students to add a picture or slideshow presentation onto a wall to be instantly shared with classmates.
3. Anonymous comments and Q&A.-I have a wall dedicated to ongoing questions about material in case they think of something while at home, we can talk about it as a class the next day.
Follow the link for an example of how I use Padlet:

You can use it with iPads now which is great so you can have it outside the classroom. Also since everything is online, students away at conferences or home for the day can participate along with the class. I only had problems when the website was being updated so for a few days there was no access to the site at all.

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