Osmo Words Play was a great app for beginning readers working on phonics. I loved the interactive feature where kids can slide their letters into the camera's view. However, I did not see an option for selecting a level of difficulty.

Submitted 4 years ago
Chavonne T.
Chavonne T.
Xavier University Montessori Lab School
Cincinnati OH, US
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My Take

Overall, this product as a teaching tool is average compared to other language tools. I like that a child could use hands on material with the technology, however, it appeared limited in expanding kids thinking. I would use this as a supplemental extension to a spelling or phonics lesson.

How I Use It

As a 1-3rd grade teacher, this app would be used . more so for students who need phonics and phonetic support. The app did not allow me to set the difficulty level for the student, so it is limiting.