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Osmo Words Play was a great app for beginning readers working on phonics. I loved the interactive feature where kids can slide their letters into the camera's view. However, I did not see an option for selecting a level of difficulty.

Overall, this product as a teaching tool is average compared to other language tools. I like that a child could use hands on material with the technology, however, it appeared limited in expanding kids thinking. I would use this as a supplemental extension to a spelling or phonics lesson.
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Great Hands on activity with children!!!

This Teaching tool was a fun and engaging way to spell out words, and seeing visuals with the words. This tool would engaging the learning of the child because they would gain more practice in learning more words and how to spell them. I liked how the further you went in completing a word level, the child could pick what topic interested them more. to serve children better the app should notice they child knows the words, and make it more difficult. What I mean is having the child add more letter to the word to widen their understanding.
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Great App!

I think that the kit was very useful. When images come up you have to find the word for the image. It would only do one letter at a time which may be less useful than it could be. I recommend spelling out whole words instead. This app was very effective and fast paced to initiate fast pace thinking and learning.
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Very fun!!

I enjoyed using this product! This is a useful tool to have in the classroom for students who need the extra review for words. They have the opportunity to practice the spelling of many different words to help them broaden their reading and writing vocabulary. The only thing I did not think would be very helpful to the students is that the difficulty level cannot be changed depending on the child's ability.
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Osmo: Awesome interactive tool for word practice

Words for Osmo is an awesome tool. I love that two students can play the games/activities together as a simple competition. The only downfall is that the iPad needs to be removed from the case to use the tool. I am hoping this will improve as they receive customer feedback.
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It's like Wheel of Fortune that you can customize!

The teachers and students love this product. They wish they had more bases so they could play this on multiple devices.
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