NOVA for Science- It Works!

Submitted 5 years ago
Toni A.
Toni A.
K–12 school
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My Take

The images are amazing! The site has a lot of information, sometimes too much to see at once, so I went through the site and assigned the students the areas I wanted them to work on. The first time I went through the site it took the longest time, after that I could work quickly to assign the work to students. I used Schoology to assign the work, because the students expect to use the LMS and they do not need another log in. All of my students were enagged by the images and videos, but it rerally helped with my ELL's and lower level students. NOVA brought something far away to them.

How I Use It

I assigned segments to view using the LMS Schoology . I decided to choose segments and videos for the students because there is so much to see on the site, I didn't want to lose them in the hunt for the lesson material. For my ELL students and low literacy groups I asked them to compare images from the NOVA Elements App. They compared and contrasted the assigned elements and responded on a google form. My higher level students had alittle more freedom to choose the elements and research them. They then created a mini presentation using google slides. The students were mostly enagaged becasue of the images. They stayed on task and actually had something to talk about.