Great for Student Research

Submitted 3 months ago
Edward F.
Edward F.
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Baltimore MD, US
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My Take

I believe that Noodle Tools is a great tool for introducing students to academic research. The note card function is handy, helps students organize their thinking, and allows students to connect their findings to a specific source. Noodle Tools also allow students to share their work with each other making group work easy and engaging. Parts that could be improved: ensuring proper format all citations (without an autocorrect feature, APA Capitalization tends to be off) . Also Noodle Tools would benefit from an auto save feature to ensure student work is always saved.

How I Use It

I use Noodle Tools to help facilitate student research in my classroom. This tool provides students with a useful outline for the creation of bibliographies, research presentations, and research papers. Noodle Tootle has a useful sharing tool that allow students to share their research with each other and the teacher. Through the sharing feature students can collaborate with each other to refine and focus their research findings. Noodle Tools also offers a note card function that allows students to keep their findings organized.