Great tool for all aspects of a research project

Submitted 4 years ago
Jason O.
Jason O.
Service High School
Anchorage AK, US
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My Take

I believe this is a wonderful tool for use in all aspects of the research process. I like that the notecard feature allows you to keep your research organized and that each notecard can be attached to the source. Students are also able to share their projects with others, allowing for easy use with group projects. I would recommend teachers create their own accounts, allowing them to use the software. I use it for my research papers in my master's program. This practice makes it easier for me to help when students need assistance. Areas for improvement would be an auto-correct feature when creating citations and an automatic save, so work doesn't get lost if you don't hit save.

How I Use It

My students use this any time they are doing a research assignment. It is a great tool for all aspects of research. The notecard feature allows students to stay organized, keeping information attached to each individual source. Citations can be created for all of the major citation styles. Research projects can also be shared with others allowing for easy use in group work. While the citation creation is easy to use, it will not correct errors (i.e. in APA style if words that don't need capitalized are capitalized) so a thorough review is necessary. Also, work is not auto-saved, so make sure that students know to save often as not to lose work.