Engaging game where students compete against others as they practice keyboarding skills

Submitted 4 years ago
My Rating

My Take

Students like this game and play it more than any other keyboarding game. They are given text to type and each player has a race car that runs based on the players speed and accuracy. I wish it did more to teach them about home row or provide data on their errors. It would also be nice to have more complex text options such as typing characters and symbols to earn better vehicles. It is simply used for practice but not deeper understanding or engagement of material.

How I Use It

I use this tool as a Fast Finisher for students to practice their keyboarding skills. They can race their peers or strangers. They love this game and I find them trying again and again to compete for better scores which gives them more vehicle options. I post the game-link on my web page for easy access. I have Beat the Teach Tuesday where I play and offer a prize to any student who can beat me.