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Let's be fair. This is a game meant for practice, not lessons.

I love NitroType. I keep seeing criticisms in other reviews that it doesn't "teach" typing. Understand that this is a product put out by The lessons are at, and they are free. This is meant to supplement rather than replace lessons. Or get your lessons wherever you want and use NitroType for reinforcement and something fun. They even provide graphics to set up a leaderboard on your bulletin board, which is a fun idea. The only thing I struggle with is that my students like to race each other, and since they aren't all at the same level they start to focus on speed more than accuracy and go back to their old ways. It's not a problem when they just compete against computer-assigned players, because they are all at roughly the same level of ability. Love, love, love this program.
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Great for time pass and learning.

I love Nitro Type. Definitely would recommend to anyone else. Very engaging. I have reccomended to many others
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This program is a favorite of all of my kids. They love to play each other and those that struggle like that they can choose to play others at their same level.

The kids love that they can play each other. My favorite thing is they can take a "test run" to start with that places them playing against others at their same skill level.
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Engaging game where students compete against others as they practice keyboarding skills

Students like this game and play it more than any other keyboarding game. They are given text to type and each player has a race car that runs based on the players speed and accuracy. I wish it did more to teach them about home row or provide data on their errors. It would also be nice to have more complex text options such as typing characters and symbols to earn better vehicles. It is simply used for practice but not deeper understanding or engagement of material.
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Friendly typing competition that engages students!

I think this is a great tool for students that are learning (or have already learned) how to type. This tool reinforces typing skills.
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Hacks have destroyed the fun in my class

If there was an area where teachers had more control of their classes, this would be great. Also, security to stop the hacks would make it fair for all, which is a lesson they MUST learn.
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My kids love it and I have an account too.

Perfect and fun.
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