NGPF: the BEST resource for Financial Literacy teachers!

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I've been teaching Financial Literacy for years and used many different resources/curriculum, but when I found NGPF my life of Googling for content was over. They provide such a comprehensive web site for teachers that I rarely if ever, spend time searching the Internet for course materials, I just head directly to their site. One of the best features is that they keep their content up-to-date. Other financial literacy resources can become outdated, especially print resources, but NGPF continually updates lessons and activities to reflect what is currently happening in the financial world. For example, they just revamped their Taxes Unit to reflect changes in the tax laws. One "con" given by the Common Sense review of NGPF said that their "assessments are only accessible to those with teacher accounts." I don't consider this a con at all, but a definite pro! Students are very stealthy when it comes to Googling answer keys for almost every curriculum on the Internet. Thankfully NGPF requires teachers to sign up for a FREE teacher account which prevents students from access answers keys for activities and tests. On top of their great lessons, NGPF fully supports teachers by providing free training throughout the country, professional development opportunities online and personal on-the-spot "chat" access through their website. Many times I've accessed their expertise through the online "chat" feature. They've responded immediately, with answers to my questions whether content/activity specific or just to point me in the right direction when looking for a quick lesson on a specific finance topic. Additionally, NGPF has enabled me to increase my own knowledge of personal finance which in turn has increased the rigor and relevance for my students.

How I Use It

I use NGPF curriculum as my go-to resource for teaching over 200 high school Financial Literacy students every year. I use it on a daily basis to provide students with up-to-date lessons, case studies, hands-on projects, and real-life simulations and interactives. NGPF provides lessons in Google format so they are easy to for me to modify if I want and students can easily access lesson on their devices. My students have one-to-one Chromebooks which makes uploading lessons in our electronic learning system (Schoology) easy. Students are able to enter their answers/responses right on their devices. (Note: resources are also printable if devices are not used in the classroom). NGPF also has pre- and post-tests that provide great questions on all levels of reasoning. They can be used as provided or modified to fit students' needs just like the lessons. This enables me to provide curriculum for all of my students' needs, whether they are gifted, special, or ELL students. Many of their resources for students are also in Spanish.

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