Newsmap is News Overload

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

What didn't work for students was the layout and the amount of information spread across the website page. While students liked the top headline news in one place, for most, it was too much information at once. Each news story is color coded organized by country, subject (technology, sports, etc.), and publication dates. Although this is helpful, it is still information overload. On the plus side, the search tool is really good. Another plus is the short descriptions provided when you hover over a news item. Unfortunately the good tools were not enough to keep students from going to direct news sites and away from Newsmap.

How I Use It

Discussing global news is an important part of learning about the world we live in today. Newsmap is a great "one-stop-shopping" site for news that provides headlines from around the world. The news items posted are current and when clicked, students are redirected to the newspaper source link. Source links include, The New York Times, BBC, and the Wall Street Journal. Newsmap is a great website to offer as a source when searching for current top news headlines, however, I do not recommend it as the only source because of the amount of information on one page. It was overwhelming for some students.